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sesamis Age-Trouble Control Serum

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sesamis Age-Trouble Control Serum (50ml)


  • Sesamis finds raw materials naturally occurring or harvested in Jeju Island
  • We produce best quality products using natural, pollution-free mineral water from Jeju Island instead of purified water.
  • It uses herbs from Jeju Island purportedly more fragrant that those grown in the Mediterranean.
  • It seeks only naturally occurring substances in our search for natural ingredients and not contains five chemicals(Paraben,Synthetic dye,Ethanol,Propylene glycol and Mineral oil) harmful to the body.
  • SESAMIS supplies EGFs that have excellent effect in promotion of epidermal cells and resistance to skin aging.




  • This product contains tiger herb and mugwort extracts, known for their beneficial effect to the skin, which will help sooth your skin troubles and prevent its glossiness while keep it soft and smooth.
  • Natural substances from pure Jeju Island will supply sufficient moisture to your skin.
  • Effects include moisture control, pore tightening, trouble soothing, and care of greasy sebum.


  • Clean up your skin with toner in the morning and evening.
  • Then spread the product softly on your face and wrap your face with your palms to help the product penetrate deep into the skin.
  • This product is all the more effective for intensive care of visible skin troubles.


Jeju Island is a volcanic island located in the southernmost part of Korea and boasts of its wonderful tourist attractions. It prides itself of its clean natural environment and clear sea waters. It has been selected as one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature by UNESCO.
 The island has been called the  Island of Three Abundances’ (Samdado in Korean), which refers to the large number of rocks, wind, and hardy women, and also called the ‘Island of Three Lacks’ (Sammudo in Korean), which refers to the lack of thieves, beggars, and gates.



Jeju Oxygen Water comes from natural mineral water collected from under the clean volcanic terrains.

What is volcanic mineral water?

The water has been purified of any kinds of pollutants as it has gone through volcanic rock beds. The island was formed as a result of dozens of volcanic activities occurred about 1.8 million years ago. Most of the island consists of basaltic layers, which has been known for their capacity for most natural and perfect filtration in the world.
These volcanic rock beds have removed various impurities completely and, through the passage of time, come to provide the water with abundances of various natural minerals beneficial to the human body. Therefore, Jeju Oxygen Water is natural water with weak alkalinity which delivers natural benefits to our body.